Heart shaped Vanilla Millefeuille


You want to impress your other half for a Romantic dinner? You simply want to realize an original dessert for your relatives?


Let yourself be led by this easy and tasty recipe.


Heart shaped Vanilla Millefeuille


Serves : 4 mini heart




Vanilla Mousseline:

330 ml milk

2 vanilla pods

55 g egg yolks

120 g sugar

80 g flour

80 g cornflour

10 ml kirsh

120 g soft butter


Assembly :

2 puff pastries (460g)

caramel spread

icing sugar

Little red shaped sugar hearts

1 heart shaped piece of paper (approx.10,5cm  width and 8,5 cm length)

1 heart shape cookie cutter (approx. 4cm width and 4cm length)

1 star nozzle




Preparing the puff pastry :

If the dough is in a block, roll it thin (2mm).

Preheat the oven 180°C.

  •  Pre-shape 6 hearts by placing the heart-shaped paper over the dough, and cut all around. Remove the excess of dough.
  • Place the 6 heart-shaped dough, on a tray on a baking paper. Put a baking paper over the dough, and place a baking tray on it. This will prevent the puff pastry to rise during the cooking.
  • Bake 15min (it should be golden).
  • Remove carefully the baked hearts and display them a plate. Let them cool down.

Preparing the Vanilla Cream :

For a millefeuille, we usually do a “creme mousseline” which is a combination of a creme patissiere and butter.

  • In a pan, heat the milk with 1/2 the sugar, and the seeds from the vanilla pods. Do not bring to the boil, it should just simmer…
  • In a bowl, whisk together the eggs yolks with the rest of the sugar, until the color becomes almost “pale” yellow.
  • When the milk is just heated, pour half of the milk in the egg yolk-sugar mix and whisk until well mixed. Pour back everything in the pan, and heat to medium. Whisk constantly with a whisk, until it becomes thicker. Be careful not to overcook it, it should really feel thicker but smooth and as a cream.
  • Pour the pastry cream on a large plate and let it cool down.
  • Once the cream has cooled enough, knock it back in a Kitchen Aid or a hand whisk, add the kirsch. Gradually, add the soft butter while constantly whisking.
  • The cream is ready once it is smooth and well mixed.

Building the millefeuille :

For each Millefeuille you will need 3 hearts.

  • Prepare your piping bag with the star nozzle.
  • Pour the cream into your piping bag.
  • Place in front of you 3 of the puff pastry hearts. Spread on 2 hearts, a thin layer of caramel spread. Pipe the cream over the first heart, as if you where drawing the shape over it, in order to fill in the entire heart with cream.
  • Repeat this on the second one, and place it over the 1st one.
  • Place the last heart on top, place on it your small cookie cutter and sprinkle with some icing sugar. Decorate with a little red sugar heart.


And voilà! Your lovely Heart shaped Vanilla Millefeuille are ready to eat.

You can keep them in the fridge during your dinner and let them out to impress for the dessert, but those treats want to be eaten quickly 🙂

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